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Anime | No Japão, as artistas de conteúdo adulto realizaram manifestações

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Na protest and signature collection on February 10th in Akihabara, Tokyo, the participation of porn actresses Riko Hoshino (星乃莉子), Sawa Sasaki (佐々木咲和), and Kotoko Sakurawa (桜和ことこ) was observed.

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On the other hand, directors and production members stated: “Soon, the pornography film industry in Japan will disappear. People who work in this industry also have a life just like anyone else. It has always been a mistake for the Congress to approve such a law“; “I would like this new Law to undergo a review process to be more considerate of those of us who work in this industry“; and “I stand against any discrimination simply because of working in this industry. I truly care about the actresses, who are most affected by this Law. Please support us so that the Congress finally listens to us.”

Riko Hoshino, a pornographic film actress, commented: “If things continue like this, the adult film industry in Japan will disappear and the work environment will become completely intolerable. I want the Congress to listen to those of us who are truly involved in this industry. I feel that our human rights and the pride we feel for our work are being trampled by the Congress.”

In late January, Congressman Satoshi Hamada (浜田聡) held a hearing for members of the pornographic film industry in Japan, who reported that the number of adult films (known as JAV) had decreased significantly as a result of the “New Pornographic Content Law”, causing many actresses to lose their jobs. This not only causes actresses to withdraw from a business that is no longer profitable but also leads them to seek opportunities in independent pornographic cinema, which is not fully regulated by the law in question and operates clandestinely.

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A director commented: “I wish the Congress would sit down and listen to the opinions of the women who actually work in this industry. This Law was created by people who reject the adult film industry and believe that Japanese women are being forced to participate in these kinds of productions. In the Congress, they think that a woman cannot decide for herself and they are taking away job opportunities just for doing so“.

The Association for the Normalization of the Pornographic Industry, which organized the signature campaign, highlighted that the main problem is that after signing the contract, actresses can only start filming a month later. In addition, after the end of the recordings, the production company cannot release the film until four more months have passed (delaying the income of actresses and producers). This hinders various forms of work and constitutes excessive regulation that violates the “freedom to choose a profession” and the “right to freedom of trade” according to Article 22 of the Japanese Constitution.

Hitoshi Futamura, one of the initiators of the association, stated: “The New Law has positive aspects, but also many negative aspects. Above all, the name is an insult. Legally, it is known as the “Law for Prevention and Relief of Damage Resulting from Performances in Pornographic Films“, which attacks the women who participate in this industry. Regarding the recording periods and so on, I think it is good for women who participate in their first pornographic recording, but I wish it did not affect women who have been in this industry for some time and who obviously work in it by their own decision“.

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