Agora lendo: Otimização da Nvidia para as placas RTX 40 permite rodar Counter-Strike 2 com mais de 500 fps


Otimização da Nvidia para as placas RTX 40 permite rodar Counter-Strike 2 com mais de 500 fps

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Surprisingly, Counter-Strike 2 has been released and Nvidia, together with Valve, brought optimizations to run the game on the latest RTX 40 graphics cards.

The game itself already has some changes, thanks to the update of the graphics engine used, which is now the Source 2 Engine.

However, with the reinforcement of the update, Counter-Strike 2 will use Reflex technology to reduce system latency by up to 35%, offering latency below 15ms even on basic RTX 40 cards, such as the 4060.

In tests shared by Nvidia itself, it is possible to see that the game reaches over 500 fps on the RTX 4090 with a resolution of 1080p – the most used configuration in competitive matches.

Teste Nvidia Counter-Strike 2

Imagem: Nvidia

The high fps, combined with low latencies, can be the difference between victory and defeat in a championship, for example – especially when combined with 500 Hz monitors.

Benchmark Nvidia - Counter-Strike 2

Imagem: Nvidia

In the case of the most basic card, the aforementioned RTX 4060, players can get over 200 fps in 1080p, something relatively higher than the company’s previous GPUs.

How to get Nvidia Reflex

Nvidia Reflex em novos jogos

Imagem: divulgação/Nvidia

To have this experience, you can download the drivers for Counter-Strike 2 directly from the brand’s website.

Via: WCCFTech

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