Agora lendo: A Xbox pode expandir seus jogos exclusivos para outras plataformas.


A Xbox pode expandir seus jogos exclusivos para outras plataformas.

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Recent speculation surrounding Microsoft’s game division has been stirring up the industry in recent days. And it seems that a highly acclaimed original Xbox title may be making its way to other platforms.

The rumor comes from the famous Nate the Hate podcast, known for leaking stories and information from the gaming industry.

“In 2024, Microsoft will bring one of its highly acclaimed original games to a competitor’s system. The title I’m referring to was received with great critical acclaim,” the program stated.

No specific name was mentioned, but the podcast noted that the mysterious title in question was discussed in “game of the year” conversations in the year it was released.

As a result, the community began speculating that it could be Hi-Fi Rush, distributed by Bethesda Softworks and previously an Xbox exclusive title.

Hi-Fi Rush, exclusivo do Xbox

Image: divulgação/ Tango Gameworks

Although the competing platform was not revealed, there is belief that it could be a port for the Nintendo Switch.

More Xbox Games on Other Platforms?

The point is that Hi-Fi Rush may not be the only one losing its exclusivity. Sources heard by Jez Corden from Windows Central have said that Microsoft may explore releasing games from its catalog on other platforms.

It’s important to note that, for now, everything remains speculation. But bringing previously Xbox-exclusive games to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles would be truly monumental.

Source: Video Games Chronicle and Eurogamer

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